About Us

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves in service tailored to each individual customer. We want to give you a warm home, a place to cook your food, and a hot shower. Growing up in Wyoming, we care about its residents and strive to make it a better place to work, live, and play. You can buy gas anywhere, but you can expect custom service from us.

Meet the Team

Our team is our biggest asset! We work hard to keep your family warm.

Why? Because our customers are our friends and neighbors!

Phillip Scheel

Co-owner & CEO

Phillip grew up in Pine Bluffs, WY, and went to LCCC in Cheyenne. He is a lifelong Wyomingite.

Shurie Scheel

Co-owner & Vice President

Shurie grew up in Thermopolis, and went to University of Wyoming. She came back to Thermopolis to raise her family in the same great community that she came from.

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